Hi, y’all. I’m Gary.

My name’s Gary D.J. Gerbrandt. Yes, this is me on the IMDb. No, I’m not the former mayor of Soledad. I live in Oakland with the two loves of my life: my partner Hampton, and our dog, Tegan.

Canadian, temporarily in the Bay Area. Master’s of City Planning student at UC Berkeley, focusing on housing innovation—especially tech-forward, private-market ways to address the housing crises cities face across the continent. Over the winter and spring, Hampton, Tegan, and myself will be exploring America on a cross-country road trip.

Innisdale, then Harvard, then Bain & Co, and now this. Currently a researcher at the Terner Center for Housing Innovation, exploring market innovations that are helping expand access to affordable homeownership; and a management advisor at UrbanSim, helping spin up the business side of a revolutionary urban planning software company.

Maybe, someday, I’ll help the world find a way to end its housing crisis. For now, I’m writing and posting my side projects here.

If you’re deathly curious, here’s my latest resumé and my LinkedIn.

Don’t be a stranger.

I’m interested in working in proptech, and am cultivating a few housing start-up ideas of my own. If there’s anything you want to discuss, click this box to email me.