Hi, y’all. I’m Gary.

My name’s Gary D.J. Gerbrandt. Yes, this is me on the IMDb. No, I’m not the former mayor of Soledad. I live in Oakland with the two loves of my life: my partner Hampton, and our dog, Tegan. Right now, I’m on sabbatical, road-t.rip-ping across the warm parts of the country in our Chevy Bolt, Liz.

Canadian, temporarily in the Bay Area. Master’s of City Planning student at UC Berkeley, focusing on housing innovation—especially tech-forward, private-market ways to address the housing crises cities face across the continent. Over the winter and spring, Hampton, Tegan, and myself will be exploring America on a cross-country road trip.

Innisdale, then Harvard, then Bain & Co, followed by a Berkeleyan deep dive into the housing world at the Terner Center for Housing Innovation, exploring market innovations that are helping expand access to affordable homeownership.

Maybe, someday, I’ll help the world find a way to end its housing crisis. For now, I’m writing and posting my past academic and occasionally novel projects here.

If you’re deathly curious, here’s my latest resumé and my LinkedIn.

Don’t be a stranger.

I’m interested in working in proptech, and am cultivating a few housing start-up ideas of my own. If there’s anything you want to discuss, click this box to email me.