How to Fix Toronto’s “Revitalization” Program: Leveraging land value to redevelop social housing

Toronto has found in Revitalization a creative, if imperfect, way to address long-term capital financing gaps. This memo explores the program in detail, to highlight how similar agency-developer partnerships could be a means to address capital financing challenges elsewhere. It concludes with two sets of recommendations: first, for Toronto, as it looks to future Revitalization projects; and second, for policymakers, cities, and social housing agencies interested in bringing a Revitalization-like program to their jurisdictions.

Proposing new directions for housing policy in California

While government and private actors have been making small differences, the time has come for radical new solutions in conjunction with existing strategies. The novel policy recommendations that follow have been designed with California’s unique constraints in mind, and attempt to minimize financial impacts to all stakeholders while maximizing production, preservation, and protection.